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XcelPay is first of its kind wallet which bridges the consumer use-case and merchant payment solution.

Video snapshot interview for the ValloneReport. Includes custom animation, voice-over, video clips. Over 500 views the first day.

See the video with Founder – Gyanendra Khadka.

Did you know Gen Z watches approximately  68 videos/day.

Thanks to the advances in technology means Advertising has to be more personalized than ever.

Emotion, personalization, and connection are today’s catchwords. Driven by more than creativity, they are also data-driven.

With the internet being more than the placeholder it was a few years ago, it is now a necessity that provides the best, most cost-effective way to reach potential clients. But in order to grow a digital audience,  businesses have to embrace the fact that technology is important to their growth.

Light4Soul can help.

We can create custom videos, help create inspiring Instagram stories, produce streaming video stories made for “cord cutters” Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and mobile ads, (15-second bumpers).

We also provide an outlet for podcast interviews and snapshot videos on the ValloneReport*, like the  XPays snapshot video above, which will increase your company’s SEO, and authority ranking.

*You can check out more videos on the Vallone Report.

Want to open a dialog on out how we can help you increase your online audience – reach out, You’ll be glad you did!

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