Francine’s experience and expertise, as well as her professionalism, was very helpful at a very critical time.

Janet Dillone
Former CEO Bernoulli Enterprises

No one comes close to the communication and the performance that Francine continuously and without fail always delivers.

Lou Esposito
Chairman & CEO DeNovo Global Technologies, Inc

We have been under great pressure and deadlines due to launch dates, and Francine worked to overcome any obstacles with not only solutions, but putting forth the extra effort to “make it happen.”

Jeff Harbeson
CGLabs, Former President

this image just has the words hello on it

I am the FR Trendler behind this modestly simple site.

I am a visual designer | web designer | graphic designer | storyteller based outside of Knoxville… with a passion for Good Design…


A few Samples of Client Work

It’s isn’t about getting 1000 likes – it is about connecting with your ideal customer.

Every communication is a chance to make a genuine connection. For businesses to matter to people, they must be meaningful and human.