VOTE for Conservative Candidate Timothy Jon Mitts June 25

photos of Timothy jon mitts

Meet Tim Jon Mitts

Before you vote, you deserve to know I am not a career politician. I am a person just like you.

I grew up in a family of eight kids. We weren’t rich. I know the value of a dollar.   I moved here 10 years ago. I love Orange County and its people. I am the father to 3 amazing daughters.  I am proud to call this area home.

It is an incredible part of New York full of diversity, culture, history, and opportunity.

And I have emerged myself in all of it from the renovation of RestHaven to a Flag rededication, to the annual much-look-forward-to Christmas event where Santa lands by helicopter at the front gate of Museum Village. Currently, I am working on rehabbing Pine Bungalow Colony.

Why I’m Running

Putting what’s best for the area ahead of partisanship is my priority in as NYS Senator representing the 42nd District. I decided that if I become a state senator I can be more effective in stopping those who abuse our constitutional rights.

I have proved myself to be a defender of our constitutional rights. 

  • I believe in strong accountability!
  • I believe in the Constitution. 
  • I don’t like special interest getting special deals.
  • Elected or not I will continue to fight the abuse of power.
  • I don’t believe that the government should tell us how:
    • To use our land as long as it is used within the realm of what’s approved. 
    • Raise our children.
    • Be involved in our personal lives

I have learned a lot. But mostly, I learned that to succeed you must be persistent and stay the course.

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