May your stories bud, bloom, and blossom

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The Buddy System

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I want your stories to bud, bloom, and blossom! Editing is not just pulling out the weeds but planting good ideas, and changing up the soil. Together, we’ll cultivate the garden of your ideas.

See my style sheet below to see how I work and the guidelines for instructions on how to format and send the first chapter of your story for me to give you free feedback and how to send your whole manuscript for me to edit.

Fill out my questionnaire, so I can get to know you and your story!

Helping you plant the seeds of your story, take out the weeds of unnecessary words, and grow the garden of your book.

Download My Book Buddy Style Sheet
It will give you information on how I edit.

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Download My Book Buddy Submission
It will give you information my submission guidelines.

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