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historic Washburn Observatory-etching

On September 13 through September 15, 2013, the Antique Telescope Society will hold its 22nd Annual Convention in Madison, WI, at the University of Wisconsin and with a tour that includes the historic Washburn Observatory. In addition, on Monday, September 16, the meeting will continue with a session at George Williams College and a tour of Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, WI.

The program includes a reception on Friday evening, hosted by the UW Space Place and the Madison Astronomical Society, Saturday paper sessions and a tour of Washburn Observatory and a banquet on Saturday evening that will feature a keynote address. On Monday, the meeting will continue at George Williams College with presentations and a buffet luncheon. A tour of Yerkes Observatory is planned. Every effort will be made to observe through the Washburn and Yerkes telescopes, weather permitting. We look forward to welcoming ATS members and friends to Wisconsin.



Washburn Observatory:  Washburn Observatory – 1878 – A History

Yerkes Observatory: Yerkes Observatory – 1897 – Virtual Tour



Yerkes Observatory – 1897 – Virtual Tour Hosted by:
Univ. of Wisc. Space Place &
The Madison Astronomical Society

Bart Fried, Convention Co-Chairman and ATS President
Dr. Jim Lattis, University of Wisconsin, Convention Co-Chairman
Peter Abrahams, Paper Sessions Chairman
Jack Koester, ATS Treasurer
Walter H. Breyer, ATS Executive Secretary

General Schedule:
Sept. 13-15 ATS 22nd Annual Convention Sessions & Tour of Washburn Observatory
Sept. 16 Tour of Yerkes Observatory

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