Pittsburgh, PA

From Steel Mills to the Stars

Date: September 14-17, 2001
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Highlights: On September 14-17, we gathered in Pittsburgh, PA for the Tenth Annual Antique Telescope Society Convention. It was a wonderful program including visits to Allegheny Observatory, Brashear LP’s manufacturing facility, Buhl Science Center, Brashear Association Museum, Brashear Works and House, and Wagman Observatory. In addition, we had an excellent keynote address at our Saturday Banquet, paper sessions, and displays of instruments by members. The optional Monday tour included Baldwin-Wallace College’s Burrell Memorial Observatory (13½-inch W & S refractor), Case-Western Reserve University’s Warner & Swasey Observatory (9½-inch W & S refractor), Cleveland Museum’s Ralph Mueller Observatory (10½-inch W & S refractor), Hiram College’s Stephens Observatory (9-inch W & S refractor) and Brashear LP’s optical facility.

Bart Fried, Convention Chairman
Peter Abrahams, Paper Sessions Chairman
Walter H. Breyer, Executive Secretary