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I specialize in making my customers, as well as their people, happy!  From a basic nail trim and ear cleaning, to a full hair cut, to dyed hair, or painted nails, I cater to WHATEVER your needs are.

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My Services


Includes hair cut, bath, nail trim, ear clean out, and bow/bandana.


Dogs that are 6 months and younger. This includes face trim, feet trim, and nails trim. This is to acclimate puppies to a wonderful spa day in the future!


Grooming add-on’s will include: Dematting Brush Out, De-Shedding Treatment, De-Skunking Treatment, Ear Cleaning, Express Service, Flea Bath, Flea/Tick Shampoo, Hair Dye, Nail Grind ala carte, Nail Grind with Groom, Nail Painting, Nail Trim and File, Sanitary Trim, Special Shampoo, Teeth Brushing, Buckeye Pet Package (Scented shampoo, Nail grind, Teeth Brush, Bow/Bandana)